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Found how to get Acadnet - ENG courseoutline

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1 Found how to get Acadnet - ENG courseoutline on Mon Jan 11, 2010 5:25 pm

Hi guys,

Tanya and myself (Anne-Marie) has meet Heather Larsen after our chemistry class. I asked her how to reach this Acadnet, and here are the following steps:

1. Get onto internet as normal
2. On your MAIN SEARCH BOX you would type in... acadnet (NO WWW,etc)
3. Your Acadnet site will appear
4. LEFT hand side... look for Program/Course Info
5. On your RIGHT hand side, look for... Course Selection
6. Under Course Prefix, drop down the menu and look for... ENG
7. Then click Show courses
8. A huge list will appear, Look for ENG 1751 which is 12th one from the very bottom of the list.
9. Click on the ENG 1751, and your course outline will appear.
10. DONE!

Heather has tried going the other way which is a much easier method and the link is not working properly, so in the mean time, do these steps instead. You can only access this only at the College computers. If you haven't got the other course outlines, you can retrieve it from there too.

We don't have assignments, there are just the 2 tests to do. The memo that we received from Angelo on the 5th, the link that she has on here is another way to accessing the information that similar from the book, or you can use the book instead.

I hope that you are able to access the course outline for this class, if not let me know.
Until then, by for now,

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