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Just testing out some mind mapping programs

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1 Just testing out some mind mapping programs on Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:36 pm

Hey guys,
Here is a mind map I designed for Immunology, I had trouble understanding all the different systems, so I mind mapped it. Let me know if you like these and I will make more. Also, just testing some file hosting programs, so please ignore and silly mistakes you might see! Enjoy!!!


If you guys can't see the picture, you can view it here:

P.S. Please disregard the big letters that say unlicensed in the mind map... still haven't purchased the program.... just testing.

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Hey Dan!

I think that mind map is awesome! I'm suffering through reading chapter 2 tonite in the text, and the one thing I have troubles with is trying to figure out all what belongs to where and whatnot. So clarity such as these maps are an awesome treat!

Thanks again!


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Well thanks Kristen,

I am glad to hear they help. I will see what I can do to try and continue making these. If people like them I will continue to post them on the forums. I just have to try and find a good program, the one I am using now expires soon and cost's $200.00 to buy!!!!! Suspect


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That was a fantastic idea! Having visual aids is great!


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